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Tappan Zee Constructors Invites You to Contact Us

Fluor, American Bridge, Granite, and Traylor Bros. have formed a team that combines local, national, and international experience to deliver this unique project to the citizens of New York. We have carefully assembled a highly qualified team with an emphasis on performing work using local firms. We have extensive experience and knowledge specific to the needs of this Project. Our team fully recognizes the importance of maximizing participation by local and regional Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs), Minority-Owned Business Enterprises (MBEs), Women-Owned Business Enterprises (WBEs), and Small Business Enterprises (SBEs) on this Project. Our plan takes a proactive approach to meeting participation goals, and we will identify and award subcontracting opportunities in a systematic and transparent manner. Tappan Zee Constructors invites you to contact us about potential subcontracting and supplier opportunities.

Possible Opportunities for Local and Regional Firms.

Our Team is committed to providing meaningful job opportunities for DBE/MBE/WBE/SBE businesses and the team members of Tappan Zee Constructors have a solid track record for meeting and exceeding participation goals for DBE businesses.